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News Update

AOL app provides important news that matters! Love AOL news updates!

Un furto

Questa cosa lho pagata 65€ per sei mesi, ha funzionato forse 20 giorni, dopodichè mi è arrivata una mail che mi diceva che per usare il servizio, dovevo abbonarmi. Inutile dire che non vi è un numero o una mail a cui scrivere per chiedere spiegazioni, e che praticamente, mi hanno fregato i soldi

Mi piace

App molto carina e ben fatta anche per le mail


Contact list is locked. Once the contact list is imported from your old SIM card, it’s locked for all time. Can’t be updated, deleted, changed or anything other than using old addresses that may have been changed. Received a number of suggestions from aol; none worked. App is ok otherwise.

Hey Oath, fix your app

Numerous messages to support. Reinstall, check cellular data, nothing works. You need something in your support system to escalate issues. On the other hand you can save lots of money by ignoring, those accountants will be happy. Just have everyone sit around all day surfing the internet, oh, you are already doing that. You did not read my review or the emails I have sent support; reinstalling (a workaround not a solution) does not work. Your app is broken and you have outhoused support to a not so smart robot. Get a clue and someone who knows what they are doing fix your app and your support.

New email with aol

This is a terrible app! Wish I still had Verizon! Do not like anything about it. I am not getting all the emails I normally would!!

My email.

Why do I have to sign in every time I need to see mail.

AOL has gone downhill

I’m completely locked out of my PAID email account. This transition to Oath is horrible. I depend on my email every day and haven’t been able to get into it for two months now. Can’t even access it on my phone now because the app crashed and won’t reload. Very frustrating.

Doesn’t deliver. Literally.

On line site sends me an email. One hour later still no email. This problem has been ongoing since AOL took over my Verizon account. Excuse me while I delete and then reinstall AOL for IPad to get my receipt from Amazon. Once again.

So Slooowww to Load!

This app drives me nuts. It’ll show I have new messages; then when I tap to load, nothing happens. The message alert then disappears because I opened the app. Really annoying. I end up having to login through the website to get any new messages. I’ve loaded and unloaded this app multiple times, hoping they’d figure this out. No issues with my other email apps!

No mail?

I just discovered several people have been sending me emails (for how long?) that I haven’t received. When calling for help, they try to get me to sign up for $/month. Huh? Who else pays for email service. Sorry, leaving antiquated loser AOL for Gmail. I can’t afford to miss emails!

Web links don’t work through mail.

If you click a web link while checking your mail, it is often the case that certain links will not open or they won’t open properly. Also, if you wanted to view said link in a web browser instead of the AOL app(to view it properly), there is no way to copy paste the url or any other hyperlink within the web page while exploring. You would have to manually type the URL in your desired browser and find the link yourself.

America is not online

I am disappointed to announce the merge with private citizens did not happened due to Steve Allen not fulfilling his duties. AOL will continue being a individual proprietor family company with no out side delegations. Yahoo was never on my list and now belongs to the person who cursed the internet and company. I have since quit my job as Quincy Vonderhorst Associations of Lawyer with no partners. Thank you

App User Challenged

Nope. No likey. Who uses an email app that YOU CANT ATTACH A FILE. So lame. Keep at it AOL. You will push your LOYAL users away. I can’t use the IPhone app “Mail” forced to use AOL sucky app and it works when and how it wants. Had AOL for 14 years for business and would loose a lot of ground dumping AOL But I Promise Uf I have to spend more hours troubleshooting a app I will cut my losses!

Pretty much useless

Has very little utility as an app. Lacks most regular email features. Should be able to copy and paste and insert pictures int the body of the email.


Use to be able to make comments on news articles and now it was taken away. Was talking to a friend and he has AOL as well and he has the ability to post comments. Is this a sort of censorship?

Horribly slow...

I’ve had an aol email for as long as I can remember and it’s taking way to long to receive an email for me to reset a password for a very important social media account... honestly extremely disappointed with aol email now.

Geez, fix AOL

I’ve gotten fed up with AOL not working on my computer, iPad and iPhone. It won’t send emails and instead of saving to drafts for later sending it deletes it and I have start over. AOL hangs and unless your just checking to see who sent you an email, but heaven forbid if you need to interact with AOL. I’m seriously considering dumping AOL after 23 years. I just don’t get why with every update these problems get worse and worse. Fix it or I’m gone.

Shuts Down

App randomly shuts down on me. It’s not fun to have to retype an email because of it.


I am happy to upgrade my review of this app after receiving advice from a developer. They recommended that I delete and reinstall the app on my phone and IPAD. This seems to fix the problem. Thanks.

Liberal, Leftist, Marxist News

Huffington Post at it’s worst. Suffering from a myopic anti conservative over advertised political Rag. Read only if you are already suicidal and need something to push you into the actual deed....


In mail, when I tap on the message, it disappears! Layout is nice but if it wipes out my mail, what’s the point?


My AOL got hacked couple weeks ago. Beware! As in, I saw undeliverable emails in my junk spam box. And friends and families received email from me with a link in it. Upon checking the "From", sure enough it was mine. Unfortunately, I was with AOL forever. Time to step up your security AOL.


Ever since I have made a FaceBook update it always says loading or paused

Is this Fakebook

Ive been with aol forever but lately aol has fallen into the Fakebook harassment mode with unwanted emails and requests. If this continues I along with my family and friends will be looking for another provider.

Horrible app

If I could rate less than 1 Star, I would. Automatically deletes my email as soon as I click on it. Can’t see enough of my emails. Time to get rid of aol.

Age Requirement

I installed the aol app on my iPad. I tried to open email. I got the message “uh oh, age requirement, etc.” Their answer to me when I emailed them was you must have set it up with the wrong age. Duh, I’m 73 and my iPad has the right Birthday. It works fine on my android phone, my desktop and laptop. There has to be a glitch in the iOS app. I’m really disappointed that I can’t get my aol mail on my iPad as I use to get it.

Opportunity Othman



To much spam in mail. Complained several times but to no avail. Promised to correct but it keeps getting worse.

Love it

I get to see all my emails just by one app. I love it

Disappointing Mail App

I have been extremely disappointed in the AOL Mail App that I feel forced to use because my Verizon email is AOL-based and AOL has stricter SPAM standards than Verizon used to so I have to use the App to find the SPAM and confirm the email is not legitimate (on several occasions it has incorrectly marked legitimate emails as SPAM). Problem is that the App moves all of my inbox emails to the trash folder automatically within a day or two of receiving the email. There are no settings in the App that allow me to change the number of days that emails can stay in my inbox. You can move emails to a saved folder, but if you do, you cannot access them from any other generic email program that you use on another decice. A simple addition to the settings that allow emails to stay in the inbox longer would make a big difference in my mind.

HELP. Not happy

After installing the new? app for aol email I found it very frustrating . I can’t get my new email even tho it says I have 5 inbox. Have tried all the settings and can’t get anywhere. Is there a way I can get my apple email back? If I delete your app will I loose all my aol mail? I now have 10 new emails that I can’t get to. Please please get me out of this app. I’ve signed in about 15 times but does not get me my email.

Nicely laid out

I’m starting to like this more than and! AOL app is very informative and nicely laid out for sending out emails easily. Thank you for creating a nice app to stay in touch with my contractors and clients!

AOL upgrade stuck

My latest upgrade has been loading since 7am this morning. What’s up with this ?? Can you fix it?

Printing from tablet after clicking link in your email

When clicking a link within your email it's NOT tablet friendly when it comes to needing to print once clicking the link. Example when a return label is sent to your email & you follow the steps, it may show you have an option to print but it does not go through from tablet. So wish this would be fixed!! I know a true attachment you can download that on a tablet but it can not be done when directed to website from within your email on tablet. Better example: an email about a sale for Bed Bath & Beyond. In that ad you can be directed to see more. It takes you to their website but it’s not in Safari or Google. If you place an order on that screen there is no way you can print receipt from THAT screen! Same applies if directed from email say about a recipe that you need to click see more. It does not show a place to print. You have to get out of AOL then use search engine to get to that website to print or even forward that recipe of its entirety to an email. I hope I have explained this well enough that this can be fixed for all tablet users to print or forward after u have selected to see details from the body of your email.

App and my mail

I do Not like receiving my mail on this app! I dont like how its set up and that aol wants to have so much of my information and my contacts information! I accidentally deleted one of my e mail address’s and it will not let me put it back on. I cant get my mail from my ipad mail it only goes to this darn app, I am Very unhappy with this!! Help!! I want to be rid of this!!

Won’t let you sign in

Doesn’t work. Doesn’t allow you to sign in. I’ve looked into it, and many hundreds of thousands are getting affected by this. FIX YOUR SERVES AOL.

well let me just tell you ihate the app it needs to be improve

it needs to emprove look at your rating who’s responsible for this fire him ! why only used blue and white in a stupid looking terrible un though true that dont work its ugly and it wont make money when people dont used it its terrible insult to americans as a nation used red white and blue and make americans used it as a its purpose to be used anyway no one would day this but all americans have a duty to patriotism and pride to have a send of online AOL ( americans used this )Aol envy of all kinda of nation like its american to used it yull be shower with wealth and money you just make it cleaver and beautiful you fools used better IT and used new ways to improve things hire better people not for the job but for the contribution to human improvement and it start here


The changed ALL app is awful! I wholeheartedly agree some reviewers. Problems: can’t sort email by sender (very important); doesn’t work effectively with my iPhone and iPad (shuts down, buffers, etc); desktop or laptop are the only devices on which I can make changes to folders or contacts. I have been an AOL customer for more than twenty years. Even when folks make comments such as, “I didn’t know AOL was still around “, I remained. If the problems with this version is not corrected, Gmail is looking better.

AOL outgoing server on iPhone goes down once per week

People that refuse to use the AOL app and prefer to use the AOL mail system on their iPhones are receiving no outgoing mail servers almost once per week. I was told by Apple that AOL is trying to push you into using their separate application so they can sell advertising and data. We will be dropping AOL.

Any plans to improve this app?

Or should i just go ahead and switch to a different email provider. Your app is the worst! Your filters for search are limited - why did you eliminate search by sender? Or folder? How can you think that all, read & unread are valid search choices? Why doesn't it work with apple photos? It doesn't even show all of the photo folders. So again - any improvements planned?

Weird Notifications

Frequently I see email notifications by aol on my iPad, but when I tap on the app to go into email, there are no new emails. I quit the app and the notifications are gone. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Email notices and appearances in mailbox delays

Don’t know why, but a notice will pop up with a two-line preview of a new message arriving, but you can’t find it in your mailbox for a few minutes. Also, all news stories are focused on celebrities or brain-damage Trump hate! Idiots!

Horrible app.

Horrible app. Difficult to access mail. Hard to read.

Functions poorly

I have GOT to change providers. This app functions poorly. The search function will not pull what you’re searching for making it hard to run a business and reply to specific emails. AOL is a dinosaur and I should’ve switched long ago.


Old news - I mean REALLY old news. Advertising all over the place, too many pop-ups , and what is with the click-trails? Can’t you tell a story in more than one page with 39 words? Click trails are slow and annoying- journalism at its worst. This isn’t news- it’s junk. I am going to find something more relaxant.

Can’t get help from AOL

When I bring up the keyboard it displays 2 periods but no comma. When I forward or respond to an email there is no such problem. When I try to text my problem to AOL the message I get is that complaint feature is unavailable. Looks like Verizon bought a pig in a poke when they acquired AOL. Awful documentation and lousy customer service. I’m going to Gmail.


Won’t let me set up my email. Says I don’t meet certain age requirements. I’m 52. There is no way for me to change this information in my AOL account and none of the AOL technicians I have spoken to have been willing to do it for me. Nobody. I have been a paid member for more than 20 years and can’t get anybody to fix this. The app clearly reads my age from somewhere in my profile. This information is incorrect. I can’t fix it. Somebody at AOL has to take enough of an interest in a longtime paying customer to make it work. I’m still waiting.

Don’t like

Looks like old Windows XP 😂


Not a good app for mail. Not very user friendly and very biased in their news stories. I don’t use apps that are created by those who are biased against me for my political beliefs.


Your News is unbelievably biased. I will never read it again and I am seriously considering cancelling AOL because of it!!!!


The recent changes have made AOL very difficult to use. When I find a different server i plan to remove AOL from my phone and my IPAD. You are not allowing me to send my review. I will find some way to replace this horrible format.

AOL app

Very difficult to receive Mail regularly and updates make it worse. Goes “out” so cannot receive or send mail a few times a week. Maybe too many ads that no one looks at anyway. Very poor design

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