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so good




News Update

AOL app provides important news that matters! Love AOL news updates!

Un furto

Questa cosa lho pagata 65€ per sei mesi, ha funzionato forse 20 giorni, dopodichè mi è arrivata una mail che mi diceva che per usare il servizio, dovevo abbonarmi. Inutile dire che non vi è un numero o una mail a cui scrivere per chiedere spiegazioni, e che praticamente, mi hanno fregato i soldi

Mi piace

App molto carina e ben fatta anche per le mail


The news format is fine. I can find stories I am looking for and the app is easy to navigate just looking at news stories. I don’t use it for mail.

Extremely biased fake news

The app should have a choice of what news source you can look at instead of being forced to have the liberal crap rammed down your throat daily. Fake news makes me want to barf.


So far love it


The AOL app is great! I enjoy using the app and all the features it has to offer. I love that I am able to receive important emails instantly. I also like how I am able to read up on articles that interest me.

Unintuitive and outdated

I wanted to love the app. I really did. Once you launch it, not only are a lot of the features that other email services provide not available on the app, some of the features that can be done on my laptop are not in the app. I can’t sort or search my emails. It’s tedious to delete emails because there is no swipe and quickly delete option. Not to mention the checkboxes blend into the background too much so it makes it difficult to go through your emails. I wish they were to take the app back to the drawing board and fix these basic issues.

Opening messages on iPad

Why am I having such a hard time opening messages on my iPad?

Fast and easy

Good information


Kicks me out of the app when I’m reading my emails.

Still my favorite

I'm a long time AOL user, even though I do have gmail, etc. AOL is just what I like, I like the format, and everything is handy in one spot. I hope they keep it around!

Just “All Right”

It does the job for me. Don’t see a problem with the other tab features (don’t use them. Honestly just accidentally switched to these tabs earlier. 😂)

Very clear

The content of news is well understood and to the point adding the videos and voice,it’s coming to my suggestion of dumping all other news apps and keep only AOL you are incredible.

Great app

I can spam any email vs going on a laptop or desktop Thur iOS Apple phones you can only delete your email and not spam anything. This app help me get rid of junk mail. I wish I could log into two aol account though.. hopefully in future you can like google I am able to log into all my three kid emails and maneuver to anyone email and YouTube’s. I also like the updates of news it give me so I’m up to date on and important news

T Mobile

You are the worst company and totally unreliable. I am aPsychotherapist and I was speaking with a Sucidial patient and you dropped the call. When I attempted to get her back I did not get an answer. I had to call 911 to get the Police to get to her house. When they finally got there she was lying on the floor drunk. Do you realize the problems you caused me the police and my patient. I have been given 6 or 7 I Phone device and they all drop calls and even when I call your staff they say it is fixed and it is not. I have been banned from the Pearl River Store because the children you have working there say I put water on my phone which I would never do and they say I cursed at them which I do not or would never do. Anyway I have had it and I will not let it go. Today they sent me on another wild goose chase. I wanted to change networks so they said I had to go up to the mall in Nanuet NY and to do that I had to take a taxi and when I got there I’m was informed that my phone was locked and it would take at least 72 hours to unlock. When I finally arrived home there was a bill for $607.03 in the mail after they told me my balance was zero. What kind of idiots do you have working for you. I know you are doing this to other people and I will not let this go. You have wasted hours and hours of my time put my patients in jeopardy and also my practice. I have been named one of America’s most famous Psychotherapist and also have 6 published books. You better find a way to rectify this very quickly before I have you put out of business. Dr. Muriel Prince Warren. Executive Director of The Warren Trauma Institute. CC- Ira Finkelstein Esq. & Robert Rosenblatt Esq.

America Online

As a long “time(Warner)” AOL customer, I am so grateful to finally have access to AOL now on my iPhone! Special thanks to the developers for all that you do. Please keep up the great work by continuing to provide access to unbiased news reports. JF


Why did you change?? I cannot find my mail!! Too much peripheral BS!!! Give us a simple app for MAIL ONLY! AOL has become commercial whores!!


I don’t know what was done to AOL. I can’t get on the internet. When I try to log in, it won’t accept me password. The next time I Log in, it wont take it. I can’t get on aol. I am so disgusted.

Contact delete

I can’t delete some of my old contacts and I would like to do it from the app. Needs to be an option in settings


I got to AOL when Verizon dumped its email service. I have two accounts, but the app only recognizes one and will not let me sign in to the other, nor will it it allow me to reset the password to that account. There are no answers to this issue in the AOL help pages, and apparently, no way to ever talk to a human being to solve this issue.

No Complaints

I have nothing bad to say. I use AOL to catch up on a lot of my news.

I should know better

I always hold out on taking updates because inevitably I end up with something worse than I started with. Why did I update AOL today? Because I'm an idiot, that's why. The app won't even open now. It just sits on a blue screen that says "updating your mailbox" until it crashes. Great job, well done guys. Completely useless.

AOL app

It’s working ok looks ok simple but would no swoosh on sending mail miss that...also bring back the you got mail thingy was cool very useful when st your desk etc or nit looking at your phone


The AOL Mail function works fine, but I keep getting “Breaking News” and ICYMI notifications despite having turned them off. Those notifications are useless noise and really annoying, and are making me think about deleting the app.

En pointe

This app is always knowing exactly the best news it's the best news app I've used.

I wish the old AOL app was available!

I think AOL fired all the geniuses because they can’t seem to fix issues with features that worked perfectly in the old app. After contacting AOL more than 5-6 times, explaining in detail what the problems are with the new app and sending many screenshots, (at their request, yes they like pictures), they still can’t figure it out.

I really think this app is set up great for my needs but everyone is different can’t please everybody perfect for my needs keep up the great work AOL


I Love AOL App

Not recommended

Hate this app! Unable to sort mail and the inability to edit my address book is extremely frustrating!


😱12/27-28/17...CAN NOT FIND ALL MY EMAILS. THEY HAVE DISAPPEARED. EVEN MY EMAIL LIST OF ALL SAVED EMAIL. NOT VERY HAPPY NOW W/AOL😡🤬🤢😪 😍🙃HapppppyNOW....I EMAIL AOL SUPPORT TEAM AND IM BACK ONLINE WITH MY HUMANA MEDS/etc..TKU AOL😘🙂😄😊 12/29/17...My email r all over my acct. not where I assign themWHAT IS WRONG WITH MY ACCT😵 1/2/18...WAS VERY VERY HAPPY WITH MY AOL EMAIL ACCT UNTIL 3-4wks ago. Lost a lot of old emails and some deleted in some of my email assigned emails🙃💛love the NEWS AND ETC...AOL ACCT...😍TKU AOL

App is annoying

I have aol installed on my iPhone 7 Plus and I also had it on my iPhone 6s Plus there’s days when my emails come through,then other days they don’t I have to constantly sign out sign back in just to get my emails now that I have it installed on my iPhone 7plus I have no incoming notification sound whenever a email does come through I only use aol and I like it but this is ridiculous

Ad after Ad after Ad after Ad....

There are nothing but headline bugs to catch your attention thinking it's an article, and all it does is take you to yet another Ad. The "Luxury SUV" picture is a perfect example. Click on the link and you are taken to a full page of nothing but car Ads, but nothing on the subject that got me there

Y'all need to fix a lot

You need to make it possible to block emails on this app. I'd give 0 stars if I could.

Restricted area

Some clips is restricted ?

Work just as it should

Works fine, I got three emails on this one app & all works just fine but has room for many improvements all around but _recommended.


Needs improvement

Not Bad

It works ok.


The app won't even login.

Sending mail. The font is so small I can’t read what I am writing or to sendwhom.

The above.

Not Very Good!

This app is not the best around for sure! Check out some of the lengthy reviews, I agree. Waste of my time to add more as it likely never gets action anyway!

Great app

Mail and news in one app. Highly recommend.


Been using AOL for a long, long time. Students, family, educational institutions need more America on Line. The rest of the email companies make it too hard to teach elderly or disabled people. Thanks AOL


AOL is the future. AOL is love, aol is life.*windows xp starts up*

Not happy with your changes

Not happy that I can’t send email as it could before your changes. I could do everything right from my “Mail” button on my iPhone and iPad and they delivered with no issues.. having to jump to the AOL app to send mail is extremely inconvenient! After the busy holidays I will most likely change to Gmail or something.


It’s a great app Had been using for so long

Review App

I don’t like this app. It is very slow. It shows you have emails but when you go into the app they are not there. You refresh and refresh and it still doesn’t show them for at least two or three minutes. I never had that trouble before with my iPhone!

Hard to read

The color of the fonts on the menu is very light and the size is too small Everything seems washed off, not enough contrast

Can’t use it anymore

Should never have done this update. Now the app will not open on my iPad because it completely crashes each time.

Could be better

I’m using it only because my iphone knocked off an email address after the iOS 11.2 update but I don’t like it for the same reasons the other reviewer mentioned. It’s too limiting & cumbersome to use. Fix it & make it more usable!

More complaints

The Email app does not tell you the time of the last refresh. This is a bad app.

Great but one big problem

Keeping new (unread) and old (read) mail in separate views is very inconvenient. There should be a way to merge them easily. I find I miss and forget to respond to mails on a regular basis since switching to the app.

I miss my old aol mail in iOS

The app is ok but you can’t attach files and when you attach pictures the are in some strange file format. They are virtually unusable, no one can open them.

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