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so good




News Update

AOL app provides important news that matters! Love AOL news updates!

Un furto

Questa cosa lho pagata 65€ per sei mesi, ha funzionato forse 20 giorni, dopodichè mi è arrivata una mail che mi diceva che per usare il servizio, dovevo abbonarmi. Inutile dire che non vi è un numero o una mail a cui scrivere per chiedere spiegazioni, e che praticamente, mi hanno fregato i soldi

Mi piace

App molto carina e ben fatta anche per le mail



App fail

This app is the worst doesn’t work well with iPhones.. need to reset all settings to get it to operate properly. Not worth the headaches !!!


Does nothing my phone's mail app can't do!


Tried every which way to block someone... the app doesn’t seem to allow it.

Family sharing

I have used AOL since 1995 and so have my family members! I paid for it in the beginning and then was happy to get it free! Somehow I became Master holder and my family became sub screen names! Since when! I did not realize this and deleted names! My family members lots data! What kind of business is this? And tech support comes only with paid account! I have since gotten a gmail account and and will be deleting AOL! Your new Mail is awful too!


After last update it’s always saying can’t log in press to fix.After that is sorry we can’t do it now try later.

More bother than it worth..A all time low Aol.

Account is made worthless. If aol thinks I am going to sign up for paid services again they are delusional just like all their fake news. People thinking about using aol for email? Save yourself the aggravation take your business elsewhere.

App crashes A LOT!

I’ve never had problems in the past, but I would say the last few months have been rough in terms of this app crashing. It crashes while I’m reading emails and while I’m composing them - pretty frustrating. My phone iOS is up to date and the app is the latest version ... and it still crashes at least 2-3 times a day.

Worst email app

The UI is cumbersome at best, and constant bugs force me to reload the app. The biggest problem is it tells me my sign-in has expired every other day. This wasn’t happening before the recent update. Change the gestures to match iOS and this would be great

Crashing App

Every time I open up the news portion of the app and view the comments of articles the app crashes. I enjoy my morning coffee and comments from bitter racist America. I can't do that if the app crashes please solve the issue and thanks in advance.

Can't Access Email

Wish there was a way to give negative stars. Updating the AOL app has made it impossible to use the app to access my email on my iPad.😡

Worthless application

This application is completely useless in terms of its ability to block out or reroute SPAM. I have identified no less than 28 specific senders as SPAM and it still lets them sit in the inbox instead of sending them to the SPAM folder.

Time for a switch

Just updated the iPhone and AOL app .. once again aol has managed to ruin a simple thing .. to sign out of the app is frustrating at best. To sign in you need to agree that aol is going to steal your personal information .. then change the wording developer

Bad app

This is app is very inconsistent, I have seen so many variations in this app. Some times it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I have a video recording documenting the usage of it. This needs to be improved and hack proof.

New app

I totally hate the new app for I phone. After 25 years with AOL I’m ready to use Gmail or another free service. Paying for this is crap

Freezes. A lot

This is a half baked app that is constantly freezing, forcing you to unload and reload it.

How do you reply to an email

Last version of AOL mail was so much easier to use This takes too much time Please tell me how I can reply to emails Thank you

Not good

Way too small even on the largest text Make it more like the Apple mail app. I’m hating that AOL isn’t working on the Apple email app right now. And I’m forced to use this bad aol app!

Wish I could give it zero stars

AOL won’t let me sign in to my account because it isn’t “the device I use most often”. This is ridiculous. Useless app and site. They won’t even help you or support their broken site if you don’t pay for a premium account.

Poor Changes on my iPad

No top line showing recent opened emails. Messages have changed, more difficult to open and sometimes incomplete. Also, the top search bar is gone and the new search at the bottom doesn’t work as well. I preferred it the way it was. Very disappointed.



Can’t attach photos to my emails

Maybe it’s a glitch but I can not attach a photo to my email message.

Audio issues

I have no audio when playing video news on my iPhone.

Needs a few more features

Can’t figure out how to block a sender from the app. Just mark as spam, delete, or flag on iPhone. Spam filter pretty good, but doesn’t catch some obvious ones. Wish the settings tab allowed more changes in the app, but it is the basics needed.

Terrible update

Since this update my emails don’t com through on my iPad. I have the older version on my phone, no problems. Please fix.


If an app doesn’t know where Bronx NY is, it’s worthless to me!

I need email service not propaganda

I have had this account for 20 plus years. Unless I find away to send and receive email without reading comments from the Huffington post I will be dropping your service at the end of this month, thanks.

The goal should be make it better

I've been an AOL customer still the dialup days. The app works, it doesn't crash or perform poorly. But it's quirky. It has a more modern look, however basic mail handling tasks are more difficult to complete. The goal should be to make it better, not look more modern.

Good For Now

I just downloaded this app and I like so far. Five Stars Update: After using this app for weeks,I Honestly love it!! Keep it up!!

Security off App

App can be hacked. And someone else controlling your iPhone And mail account, this has happen to me ,


Can’t remove spammer contacts.

This is horrible!!

How in gods name do you sign out? I can't even sign out of my account, because it wants me to totally clear my entire account off of AOL!! This is the worst thing that they could have done. Why didn't they just leave the old mail alone!! Extremely angry about this!!

Mail Delivered Quicker in Victorian London

It’s hit and miss when mail actually arrives on my iPhone. II would not advise depending on this app if timely arrival of emails is something you deem important and/or necessary.

Mail Folders

How do I delete unwanted Folders. It shouldn’t be this hard!


I liked the way it was before some genius thought differently. Now I have to use the app instead of reading all my mail all in a row from my mail icon at the bottom of my iPhone!!!!!!!!!!!!! I rate this new app 000000?!!!!

Spam spam it’s all spam all the time

Spam filter does not work anymore!

New update kills this app

Not sure why the change but this new update killed the app. You don't even log in from the app now. You log in from their website which i can just do on my own from safari smh. Way more steps

Time wasting Advertising

As totally annoying ad appears at the top of the inbox everyday which requires the user to delete it. I deleted this app.

Bad idea...terrible idea

Whose idea was it to store the password so you just tap your name and you are logged in. Terrible idea. VERY INSECURE and vulnerable to hackers. Update the app so users have to choice to store the password/passcode or have to input the password with each login

Still One of The Best Original Competitors

So far I’ve been impressed with the app, and AOL’s constant dedication to customer support! I’ve literally been an AOL customer since mid 90’s. It would be nice to be able to recover original usernames if that’s possible. I believe that they take security seriously. They’ve done a great job! I have not increased to 5 stars yet bc once in awhile the usernames or information from my app will suddenly disappear, so until this is resolved- I’m only giving four stars.

Tiny boxes in a row

I do not have fat fingers, but the latest update features very minuscule check boxes to the left of each email as a line item, and it is very difficult to tap the box that you intend.

AOL App falls short

App is constantly failing, highlighted emails (to delete or move) mysteriously become unchecked, can’t forward, bout only thing it is good is to know u got mail, and to find computer! Horrible!!

Can't set any preferences

Click on a thumbnail and the video has nothing to do with the title. Can't shut off videos from auto playing. Can't change the weather location, I don't live in Michigan, thank you. Can't set any preferences at all. I'm stuck looking at a ton of sports articles that I am not interested in. Can't get rid of Trump articles. Can't get rid of Kardashian articles. Don't get much that's relevant to me.

Can’t open links in safari

App is great till you have to open a link and use autofil or any passwords stored on your iPhone. It won’t autofil in the aol app. So if you get a bill and want to pay it from your email you can’t unless you know all of your passwords. Having mom brain I don’t so this app did not work for me. I contacted support and they basically told me they can’t help me because I’m not opening an aol page.

If I could give it a -10 I would!


Not too thrilled about emails disappearing if you delete from AOL email

There should be some way to set up insettings, like other email services, where you can delete emails from the AOL app but still keep emails in the app. I made that mistake and lost ALL emails!


I find it difficult to use on my phone and IPad . Messages disappear before I delete them. I cannot get text bar to move .its much slower than previous email and his do I easily get to mail only.

Awful APP

Format and use confusing and complicated. After using app for 2 years..Today it didn't recognize me and I had to set everything up Again! I used to just access mail thru browser and will return to doing that. This app is No help to me in Any Way

Love it

You able to just about everything on phone like you do on desktop.More features

Totally self serving and awkward

Don't have the patience to continually have to wade through all of the 'Oath' based 'info ads'. The only reason I have it is to be able to easily get my mail. Been a loooong time AOL member. Embarrassingly long. And now that they actually charge us to be subjected to the 'Oath invasion of the privacy snatchers', it's been long enough. Awkward design, more awkward to use.

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