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so good




News Update

AOL app provides important news that matters! Love AOL news updates!

Un furto

Questa cosa lho pagata 65€ per sei mesi, ha funzionato forse 20 giorni, dopodichè mi è arrivata una mail che mi diceva che per usare il servizio, dovevo abbonarmi. Inutile dire che non vi è un numero o una mail a cui scrivere per chiedere spiegazioni, e che praticamente, mi hanno fregato i soldi

Mi piace

App molto carina e ben fatta anche per le mail

90’s and Forever

Everybody say AOL fell off but yet they always give the up to date news faster then anybody else on this beautiful planet. Always changing and adapting with time and staying relevant. AOL people been loyal since 1998.

Hacked account and also odd duplicate mails

I got over a hack and changed password and disconnected hacker ... a couple of months later I began using aol app ... today all emails in in box duplicated themselves. I deleted duplicates and then all mail disappeared


I am not sure why I am not recognized when I open aol on my cell phone. I really do not like to have to type in my e mail and password every time I look at my cell phone. I do not have to do this on my desk top. This had just started recently and was not this way before.

AOL mail

Recently, from my cell phone I am having to sign into my mail w username and PW every time I want to read my mail. Please advise... I am close to deleting AOL.

New gimmick

I don’t like how every time I check my mail I have to give consent for you to share my information let’s see you print this one🤬🤬🤬

One sided slanted news coverage with prejudice coverage.

One sided slanted news coverage with prejudice.

Signs out

Every single time I exit the app it automatically signs me out and makes me reenter all of my info. None of my other email accounts make me do this including yahoo or gmail. This is very frustrating and a waste to even have downloaded the app. If I wanted to sign in every time I would just use the browser. Get it together AOL.


Just recently I’ve had to sign in every day to see my email (iPhone app). This is more work than it should be. Only allows you to open email links within the app (as opposed to safari or chrome).

Horrible App

How do you even send an email from this thing ? Can’t stand it. Why do you need a nickname to post this review ? Why can’t you just use your unique profile ?

Hate this new update!

I have had this email since the beginning. I use my iPhone and iPad for everything. I never had a problem with it until this last move out of the iPad mail server. I hate it!!!!! All my emails, I have a gmail account too and they were both in the same place and easy to access. I’m seriously thinks no of doing away with aol now. Please put it back.

Great Job

Lots of varied articles, Sports especially. I enjoy your articles, along with a majority of seniors as we don’t read as many papers as we used too, as much of today’s news is full of alarming articles, and people acting foolishly and with greed. You vary topics well, thank you DK

AOL app

It’s Great! Love it!

AOL Mail

Very frustrating to not be able to get a running count on new mail without a banner update on each new mail that comes


Very unreliable app. It opens with “no mail” half of the time. I then have to close and reopen it, hoping it “found” my mail.

Behind the times

Please do us all a favor and add fingertip sign-in rather than having us sign in with text-based un/pw every single time we use the app. You are literally the only app I have used in the past year that still requires text-based sign-ins at every app use. Please!

My mail is missing!!!

I need to speak with someone please!

Thank you

Really love this app so easy to use

Terrible app

The app doesn’t check for email when I click on it. Sits there and does nothing. I have to open and close the app several times before it works. Verizon screwed us all when the gave their email business to AOL. Terrible app.


And have loved Aol for almost 25 years

Log in

I have to log in with username and password word every day. I thought the app was supposed to bi pass this step.


Hate I have to log into email every time

Constant problems

I’m told constantly that I’m dating myself by having aol. Now as of late I have been having problems and have to keep signing in on the ap on my phone! I’m switching to gmail.

Links are hit or miss

It just seems when I click a link inside of my mail it doesn’t seem to work right. I usually close out and go to my browser to finish whatever needs to finished. I’ve been using it now for the better part of 4 months and this seems to be consistent not an isolated thing.

Biased political coverage

This site has become far too political for my liking

Upset with aol mobile

I do not like having to get in my mobile by always having to put in the email and password. I would just like to go in quickly. Why has this changed.

AOL app

Lately I have had to put my username AND my password in every time I want to view my e-mails. Why?

Why I love AOL......

Always loved easiness of AOL!!! It’s old school, but STILL RULES!!! You can find anything so easily, so much nicer than some of these new sites! Sticking with THE ORIGINAL! CAN’T GO WRONG......👍

Prefer browser features

I like ease of use for quickly checking email. However, it’s really annoying that browser email site redirects to this app when I do not want it to. And it does not redirect websites to open in a browser or files to open in appropriate apps that are required for that file to work. It is annoying to have to reopen emails in a browser for links and files to function properly. Some websites and files simply do not function if opened within this app. There should be a prompt that asks if you want to open the link or file in another app.

Aol mail

I have had aol mail for decades ever since we bot a PC. Recently would get a message to put in my password and ignored it thinking it was a scam. Havent received any mail since 10-1-2018. Where is my mail? I surely cannot remember my all password after all these years! HELP!

Recent AOL Update

Typically I just open the AOL app and I can see my emails on my iPhone. But about a wee ago AOL did something and now I must open the AOL app and enter my username and password. This must be done every time I try to open the app. This is a pain and is not needed as I have a passcode on my iPhone so only I can use it.


I don’t like the updated AOL APP bc I have to sign in each day!!!!!

AOL app keeps crashing

All of a sudden AOL app keeps crashing!

Ap sign In

AOL changed its sign on security such that one must constantly reenter user name and password. Annoying, not necessary and not what other Aps require.

Ticked off

Refusal to let me in my email is infuriating

Liberal fake news

Liberal fake news that’s all I need to say!

Review Woods

Great on time alerts! Keep them rolling , asking for positive breaking !

Signing on

Unless I’m doing something wrong I now have to sign on with user name and password ANY TIME I want to retrieve email, frustrating!!!!!

Mail service is terrible

It’s difficult to figure out how to combine my two aol mail accounts. Customer service was terrible. My daughter has an aol email account and hasn’t been able to get into it for quite some time because she can’t get her password reset.

AOL... got my mail❣️

I have been using AOL.cOm forever and longer. It’s secure, easy to mange and experience my mail delivery as I like


I have to log in every time now.I like it a couple of weeks ago and in the past when I didn’t have to log on every single time.


Love it


So many ads distract from my enjoyment of AOL

Love AOL

AOL is so with the times, keeps me alert and provides un bias reporting. AOL do not appear to filter they tell it like it is. 😊

What’s up with having to sign in every time question

Something happened that now I have to give permission for AOL To access my other information in order to check in. It’s a pain. What am I doing wrong?

Apple store

I could have said five stars, but there is always room for improvement.. Not enough games that are free, for we pay enough for our Phones without having to pay to play a simple game..

Have to login every time

What a pain. I have to enter my username and password every time I open the app on my phone.


Every time I want to access my email on my phone, I have to sign in. Never had to do this before! Can’t figure out how to change it

Ads in email

Do not like ads, when you check email. Would like AOL remove these ads.


I have been using AOL, on everything in my house, my car, and my cellphones, because I get a great connection no matter where I am. Do the same use it, or at least try it.

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