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Aol is awful!

Aol should go out of business soon. It is only an intrusive advertisement server. It is entirely awful. Leaving soon!

Search but do not find

The web, like AOL is primitive, and not well-conceived. The most annoying feature is the search button. For reasons difficult to imagine, this leads — not to a box to search through your AOL email, but to a means to search the web. Thus I need to go to a computer to find the mail I am looking for. Have they never heard of Google — or even Bing?

Bulk Deletion

I can't delete all the emails simultaneously; I currently have over 17,000.

I haven’t been able to get into my mail!!!

I have sent notes to AOL for help and when I do try to log in today I get a message system not available! I want back in my ACCOUNT!!!!

Issues with app

Update! For the most part I love this app but I want to be able to open links in emails in Safari not lala land. If there is a way would you please let me know and if there is I'll come back and up the rating! I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find anything. Otherwise I’ll just go with the “Mail” app and drop this one. TIA The last several days I'm getting double emails...if I receive one...there will be two of the same email...Please fix!!


I really don’t like the way the app is set up for iPad or iPhone. I want to see the entire body of my mail. That side bar takes up nearly half my screen. It should not be locked in place. Also this new version doesn’t let me sort. I really thought the ability to only see people I know vs everyone was what kept AOL a step above all other vendors. Now your just blanketed with it all even on the desktop version. On the IPad/phone I have no control of my contacts. Have to go to desk top to add remove edit I can’t even check that the address is correct because it’s to small and no way to preview. For all the money I’m paying I might as well go free on gmail or something. Very disappointed in the advancement it been more of a take away. Oh yes and I can’t even put my cute tags as my signature it doesn’t know how to save my pictures. Ugh😳🙀


I really enjoy this app. Up to date news at your fingertips! I like it. Thank you

Tired of the spam email

Now that I use this app for aol access my spam has doubled. Tired of junk emails on here.


I have been using AOL for years now. I don’t know anything else

Very disappointed

I was using the Alto app until they stopped. When I switched to the AOL app I expected at least the same functionality. It doesn't synchronize across my mobile devices so I have do action twice (delete, mark as read); it doesn't give the ability to set a calendar event based on an email. The app causes more work for me.

Love the app.

I love this app. , it makes getting the latest news and my email so much easier. I only rated 4 Stars because there is always room for improvement. LOL...

Nee app

I hate this! Some of my emails disappeared and I find it difficult to find flagged emails. I'd rather have the old one back. I think it was easier to find things and I never lost any in that.

User Friendly

This App is easy to used. Well design.

Great app

Great app

Blank responses

When I respond to some emails, my response email ends up going through without any text, as a blank response. It only happens when I respond to certain individuals. Please fix this. Thanks.

Crashes every time I open it with newest update today.

Cannot use. Crashes 100% of the time now. Worked perfectly before this.

AOL Review

Great app and source of authentic information

Replies not showing

Loved the app, but it’s not showing my replies anymore to others’ emails.

Email Trashed

If I don't first check my trash folder before deleting emails I inadvertently delete emails I have not read because the program on the automatically sends emails it chooses to my trash folder. Also during transition I lost my email folders from Verizon which had important information.


Does not update quickly enough. It shows you an alert but the emails are not there. You have to keep refreshing to see them!

Nov 2, 2017 App Updates on IPhones problems

Since AOL had a app update done to their app on IPhone my AOL account is stuck on AOL mail updating and nothing else. AOL mail works on other Devices but not on my IPHone because of this update. Have tried to text AOL through this app and also looked into the but they want $1.99 per month just for me to report this problem their new update has caused. Hope someone from AOL reads this a figures out what is happening. I am very unhappy that I cannot use my IPhone to look at and read my emails. Since Nov 2, 2017.

No choice

AOL stopped supporting iPhone mail. This app is a pain and not as many features but I have no choice.

Big performance issues

Often when I reply to a reply, the receiver gets a blank email Same thing happens if I forward. If you look in my sent email it is also blank. Weirdly it doesn’t happen to every person I write to, just a few select recipients. Also sometimes the preview line in new inbox emails is old copy. When you old open the email you see the new text so the preview is wrong. Really sad I had to switch to this

Bad text size

I hate the app. It is unreadable. Type too small. Too complicated. I want the old app back

Edit Contact List

Could you tweak this app so we can edit our contact list on our mobile devices? There is no way to do that on my iPad. I then have to go to my computer to make the change. See what you can do about this. I would think it is relatively easy to fix. Thanks!


Has not for 3 days. Just keeps circling the still will not update. 11.6.17


Just updated the app and now it crashes consistently. On one attempt, it did start an “updating your mailbox” sequence but crashed after a few seconds. Did anyone test the software before release?

AOL Mail

Excellent app!!!!

So far? Zero is too high

Where are received messages? Why is EVERYTHING going to spam??

Mail app no longer works !

My app updated this morning & now it will not open on my phone! It's not even listed in my settings!


It freezes up and I can not delete all my emails in bulk! Please dis!

The best app ever

AOL what a tremendous improvement thank you very much.

App no longer works after update

When I open the app, the initial screen comes up, but the app never actually opens then it goes back to my home screen

Good Ol’ AOL

My early experience with the internet was through AOL. I look at AOL as a good friend and have always enjoyed and trusted my content on this site! Kudos AOL! Keep up the good work!!


Why don’t you morons ruin a few more things. I’ve had this stupid email address since 2006 and now I have to go make a new one and reroute everything JUST BECAUSE you people are lazy and stupid.

Awesome App

Great app, love the breaking news feature and access to top political, economic and social news.


Had my AOL account since the beginning. Never had a problem using AOL. When this app came out it made it very easy for me to check my email. I’ve always been highly satisfied with it and it has always worked well for me.

worst news site,always posts and promotes scandals. Won’t use again.

Worst stories!

Aol is screwed up

I've had aol my whole life and never change anything sense it's been created in the winter I turned 7. Needless to say this is really frustrating update security software give more options on mobile versions of apps and webpages

AOL Mobile app

Many times when selecting a new email the email just disappears....BAM! It’s gone and you have to go to old mail to read it.

Cannot manage emails

Managing emails in the app is impossible. Add a sort feature and allow to Delete All from both the main screen and within a search. I currently have 7000 +emails. I unsubscribe frequently, but emails are like grimlins. Here’s a case-search for Kohl’s - delete 200 emails. Boom! Search for Viagra - delete 200 emails. Boom! A workaround of read and delete your emails daily doesn’t work for me. This is my personal email. I do enough email management daily at work. Thanks for reading. Now schedule and execute please.

Won’t load on iPad

After update it won’t load at all.

AOL News

When ever I want the breaking or up to date News , AOL seems to be the most breaking News !

Always loses connectivity

Really AOL?? On newer iPhone with Verizon. Loses connectivity, then I can no longer sign in.

Hate the app

Constantly having to change my password and write now it won't send mailroom except it

AOL Mail

This is the worst app I have on my iPad. Half the time the mail doesn’t show in the inbox, even though I get a notification of new mail.


Great app

limited functionality for mobile users

all of your traveling business users who reply to time sensitive emails etc have to be siting in front of a desktop in order to use the full functionality of aol mail

Works for me

The app works just fine. Just hoping beyond hope that Verizon doesn't destroy it as they have started to do with


I am a somewhat savvy techie and using aol and this app is horrible. There was an extreme convenience in pressing one icon to open all my emails in one inbox, whether they were aol emails or not. AOL is forcing us to use their app to view and manage aol email accounts and now I have to go to multiple sources to view emails.

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