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Howard stern is a putz, I hope he gets hung!!!

I was enjoying it, than right before they asked me to review the app I read a Howard stern article and I felt raped all over again!!! Howard stern is a putz who takes out his anger on women! I hope he gets hung!!! #MeToo 💔💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭👁🕊🗽⚖️🌏🌊💦💦💦💦💦

AOL - very biased

All so called journalists reporting are biased, too liberal, anti-American.


I like all. When I want to watch the news I come here to AOL

Locked out

Right now I am locked out of my text messages because AOL wants me to sign so the app will allow for my information to be shared. That’s not right. This has not happened before.

Pain on the butt...BIG pain

Whenever I try to retrieve my mail on my phone, the app demands that I go through this idiotic process of getting an access code. There is no reason for this and Customer Service refuses to acknowledge this as an issue

It’s all click bait

The teaser tag line either won’t open or takes you to an ad or a different story. Outright fraud. Worse than an CNN story


Précis Informant Facilement adapté aux requis individuels

Old aol user

Oh for the good old days when you could just get emails. Now subject to nuisance advertising. May say control alt delete soon

Good Service


What’s happening?

I’ve accessed from the beginning. Now, there’s a problem accessing on this iPad. It seems stuck. I can’t get the days inbox


Still the Best!

Fix this app

Seriously please fix this app, my old mail and pretty much all of it was somehow put into the spam box and I don’t know why so I put it back into my old mail thinking that this would fix the problem. But nope! It did it again so I had to put all of it back into the old mail box again. Super frustrating, so please fix this email app so not just I but others don’t have to go through with this issue.

Great app easy to use, news feed is one sided

I’ve been using the AOL app for years to quickly access my AOL accounts. App makes it so easy. News feed is entertaining, but not very well balanced. I prefer the Drudge Report for a more balanced view of the news.

Exceeded expectations

What has happened to this app? It no longer opens automatically but demands my credentials every time I open it. And the emails don’t preview any text just the sender, time and subject. Is this an IOS update problem?

AOL mail

Started out with aol when they were charging $$. Then all of a sunden the game changed and mail was free, now , you can’t even get the app for mail , what happen? , who does the app for mail

Lousy Program!!!

This piece of garbage keeps dumping my accounts. They exist in the settings but are not there for me to read mail. Same prob over and over and over. Been with AOL for over 30 years and they still let hackers take my accounts and then fight with me on their return. Just give me back my fees from the 1980’s until now you shmucks...and your privacy and account protection services charge, but are totally useless. Sad, was a great co....30 years ago when they gave out free discs everywhere.


Why am I paying for aol when others aren’t and you charge so much. I’m going to cancel it

Should be a whole lot better

The email notifications are spot on but the email does not always populate when you try to read the actual email. The app shows number of emails but I can’t access it, very frustrating.

Email fails again

Last week my AOL e-mail showed two (double) entry for most of my e-mails. Today ALL of my new (unread) emails are simply GONE. I went from about 85 unread emails to zero. Checked my other mailboxes; simply gone. Huh? Bob

Great app but too many ads

I was very concerned about what to do when Verizon stopped their email provision but the transition was seamless and I got to keep my email address. More importantly I'm impressed with AOL's clear visual display and a spam feature that is pretty robust. All I have to do is go to the spam folder and hit only one button to make it all go away. In fact have stopped using apple's email feature to get my mail, which has cleared up a lot of space on my phone.

Don’t need your news.

Tired of your ceaseless left wing news.


Not often do I write reviews like this but I feel like this one is needed! AOL news is definitely left leaning news! How do I know you ask,well it’s pretty obvious when FoxNews is always put down!! President Trump is always made to look bad!

Not a user-friendly experience ..

Not a friendly format.. limited ability to control what happens to attachments, fonts and other controls. Deleted the app and back to Safari for doing email online. AOL is making it harder to be loyal but it’s very difficult to shift to another email after 25+ years.. Disappointing.

No “keep me signed in”?

AOL has shifted to requiring sign in every time I shell my mail. Since I have two accounts, that means I have to sign in twice! I’ve been using AOL since the internet started, but now I’m thinking of switching!

Awful technical support

Since sold to Verizon support has been awful

New update stinks!

I have used AOL email since 1998. The new update makes me sign into my email every single time I open the app. I have never had an issue on any of my phones in the past. Makes me glad I started to use another email provider!

AOL Mail

Has stopped opening on my iPhone


I lost a lot of my frequently used address when I replaced this in place of my older version. I find no way to add, delete or edit names in my contact list Recently my emails started arriving as “trash”. Haven’t found a way to correct it yet.

Always reliable / 40 years

For 40 years, it has never failed, and always provided the service / support for which I have asked of AOL




The new app is not very good. Major delays in receiving email. I will keep aol for non important communication

New update problems

When I did the new update now every time I open the app I have to sign in again with my username and password and it’s so frustrating. Please update the app. Thank you.


For some reason I’m not getting emails from people I should be

Too one sided..

Liberal agenda gets old fast...

old emails disappeared

I’ve had this email address for probably 20 years now and all my old emails have just disappeared. current new emails that have been read disappear after a few days now. Customer service directed me to recover them, which is free for 30 days, but then comes with a fee. I’m disappointed.

Me love aol

Plus you know LOLLIPOPS q

Always the wrong video

If I like the caption, I’ll tap on a the video. It’s ALWAYS the wrong video. GET YOUR SH!T straight. You’ve been around long enough, AOL!! Figure it out.


Are use AOL to keep track of what’s going on. I like the stories and I also like reading about the celebrities. Way to go AOL.


Always ask to sign in very annoying!!

AOL biased towards the left

AOL does provide fast up-to-date news, but whenever President Trump is involved, their titles and stories always seem to take shots at him. It’s getting old...

AOL News

They give great news

Lame Stream Bias

My mother was a graduate of The College of Journalism at the University of Missouri about 1927. She used to say report and print only proven facts as news. Anything else is commentary and should be labeled as such. How far the media has strayed! I can read between the lines and deduce what is probably true.


Siempre he tenido mi correo con AOL y no lo cambio aunque digan que es muy viejo

Great Site

Always check news, email etc.

Love AOL

Have Loved AOL For Many Years!!!!! Thank You!!!!!

Passwords galore

The app is now requiring me to sign in with username and password each time I open. Annoying. It will not remember my password

Signing In

I can no longer stay signed in on the site.

App not working properly

For weeks now the app is not functioning properly.


I have been with AOL for 20 years. My first e-mail address was cokey52. 20 years ago

Aol & Huff Post fake news

Huff news is anti trump and anti conservatives voters. Nothing they say is readable. AOL should ban them,

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