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AOL app

Very difficult to receive Mail regularly and updates make it worse. Goes “out” so cannot receive or send mail a few times a week. Maybe too many ads that no one looks at anyway. Very poor design


I don’t like it . It’s to much like yahoo.

Useless for iPad Users

My email is easily accessible on my iPad so why do I need the app unless I want to see news. I can’t even access my email because it says there are age restrictions! I’m 71! Is that too old? I cannot proceed beyond the “Uh Oh” response when I enter my password.

Great on iPad. Horrible on iPhone!

AOL mail works great on my iPad. However will not load email on my iPhone. It always times out. Is this a bug? Or is it a feature?

A bunch of liberal biased crap

If you don’t want the truth, and you want to join the liberal crybabies, this is the pathetic place to be pampered and validated...

App User Challenged

Nope. No likey. Who uses an email app that YOU CANT ATTACH A FILE. So lame. Keep at it AOL. You will push your LOYAL users away.

Printing from tablet after clicking link in your email

When clicking a link within your email it's NOT tablet friendly when it comes to needing to print once clicking the link. Example when a return label is sent to your email & you follow the steps, it may show you have an option to print but it does not go through from tablet. So wish this would be fixed!!


I’ve had an aol email since email was invented and I’ve received more spam emails in the past couple of months than I have the entire 30+ years I’ve had an aol account. Not sure why it’s not filtering this crap like the older version but I’m pretty close to closing out this account because of it. I had to turn off my email notifications because those spam emails tend to come in around the 2:00-4:00am time frame which sometimes wakes me up. And I hate the ads that pop up! Not impressed.

Honestly garbage

disappointed. aol’s slipping through the cracks


I dont like how I cannot receive mail unless connected to wifi. It does not work through regular cell service.

Classic aol chat rooms?

Can we please make the classic chat rooms mobile??

No mail

Since I started using the app, I do not get my mail as I used to. Also no way to contact AOL for help. Guess I will have to go to a different server. Thanks for nothing Aol!

Logging out

What’s the fastest way to log out of aol mail? (Asking for a friend) ;)

I understand monetizing, but this is ridiculous.

When I click on this app, I’m directed to all sorts of things that are placed in front of me to sell me something and to take my attention away from just simply getting my mail. It’s gotten to the point where I have to wade through so much garbage to see what I got in my mailbox, it’s hardly worth the trouble. If I didn’t have this email address for the last 25 years, I’d probably just go find another provider.

The Worst

Continually asks for you to assign an account even though it’s already assigned. Then states that there’s no access to the AOL server. A high school hobbyist coder could create a better app in a weekend.

If it’s not broke don’t fix it

Used Aol for years. This app is seriously messed up. Too many steps to accomplish one thing. Boo hoo lol I want the old Aol

Can’t delete all mail

I can’t delete all my mail at once. Very tedious. Not happy.


Hate it.

Very difficult

Hard to set up.

Review of the reviews

The overall rating of 3 and the reviews convince me that the Devil I know is better than the Devil I don’t know, so for now I’ll stick with what I have, but thanks anyway.

Terrible account management.

I used the app for a few months with no problems. I tried to login today and was told I had to verify my password again. I can’t find anywhere in the app to actually do that so it’s useless now.

These changes are awful and keep getting worse!

I kept this email because it was so user friendly. Now it is the worst email account I have.

Fix the app

The app just closes when I open it

Aol update ??

This is the worst Update I’ve ever seen since becoming an AOL Member in 1990 something I’m so confused and unable to get to my mail since June 8, 2018 . Confused

Keep getting kicked out

Every day my account is turned off and I have to log back in. Very annoying!!!


It’s sad that aol is charging for the way its really suppose to be and giving options of junk. I now have a reason to be more updated and switch to gmail! Ta ta aol

Updated app not working

Updated app and not working. ZERO stars

Still crippled.

Crashes every time I go to read the news stories.

Can you add this in to the app

I really like the app I would use it as my main browser but the yahoo search engine has problems with loading pictures and pages. There should be a way to change the home page to google or a different search engine. I use internet explorer on my laptop I just changed the home to page to google and works fine.

Garbage piece of crap

I have to verify via email and send me the external link and finally app crashed. I got stuck in verification and finally app crashed.

Sign In to check my mail must have been designed by a drama queen

Every single time I check my emails, the full log in screen pops up then the password screen. Really? I'm using the same device Everytime. I keep having to change my password bc I forget it. I have password saver but half the time it rejects it. Do better AOL


I’ve been paying monthly for AOL for over 20 years. I’ve had troubles with it sometimes with AOL desktop. Now AOL is new. I’m having trouble getting my email. Help!

iPhone app

Really dislike this version. I don’t like the way threads show up, can’t download attachments and the way you now have to save to files. The old version was much easier.

Useless App

Just loaded AOL App on iPhone snd IPad, and on both it repeatedly asks to login using - which I accept, and login.. then the sign in brings me back to App and I am not ‘logged in’. So, I guess it just plain isn’t working yet if I am getting same issue on both devices. So.. guess what? ...delete AOL App.

How in the world can be this so bad????

0 stars for this crappy app... I wish I can get rid of it, and I cannot

Comments on news articles.

I can’t make comments anymore on news articles. Why?

If I want news feed or access to news feed...,

How do you get rid of or block access to news feeds. If I want access to news and advertising with news I would get an app for that. This is my email and i would like it to be just an email address. I don’t get a newspaper in my mailbox if I don’t want one! Why should you be any different?

Can’t delete mail ***Update***

Issue was resolved by reinstalling app. Developer was quick to respond and I appreciated it. I can no longer delete mail. If I try to delete one or all, they all come back as new mail. It’s obvious I’m not the only one having this problem. So please fix asap.

Worst app

Instead of improving this app it gets worst. I don’t understand why Verizon pawn our email accounts to the worst web browser. I have moved many of my email contacts to gmail. One more thing when it doesn’t update my emails everyday and latest is it freezes and I reboot my iPad.


No full screen reading anymore. And, now i cant even get my email at all. I get a message that says, “Uh Oh”. Then goes on to tell me there is an age requirement to access the info. I am 61 years old and have been using AOL mail since 1998. This is causing major problems. This has been the only email I've ever used. I need my email!!

Worst App ever

This app is awful. For example, there is no way to add a contact and when I instead open my browser to add a contact it takes me to the app. I am uninstalling it and suggest aol hire new geeks. I have always paid aol for my email account and think maybe I should cancel and go to gmail!!


It does not work.


I can no longer reply to my emails. Very frustrating. Please help me with this!!!

Hate it!

I hate the app! Can’t attach anything to send to clients! Wish they would have left alone! Call for help and get no help!

Can’t delet mail

I tried many ways to delet my mail and so far unsuccessfully! Wrote to tech support- no answer!!! Very disappointed of this app and tech support!

Poor browser link.

Don't know what browser it links to but it is not very responsive. Doesn't seem to be any visible way to redirect to a real browser.

Not bad but could be better

Not bad. I want to be able to change the notification tones, sounds, chimes. I also would like to be able to adjust the volume of the notifications as well. I was forced to use this because AOL did something with their security settings and the built in IOS mail app will not download emails automatically. I have to refresh to get mail to download. Gmail still has not problem.


I don’t like how they take email address from incoming and out going and put them as your contacts without your knowledge. Most of these email addresses are spam, what kind of security is that. I sent AOL an email asking them to stop never got a reply. I’ll probably switch to gmail. Then there’s Oath, in the private policy there’s a section about if government decides to tax internet and email they will charge users for the service. They know most people don’t read policy. If you agree they can legally charge you because you agreed.

3 major reasons AOL is used

1. email 2. email 3. email Too bad AOL hasn’t figured that out!

Crap app

The news aspect of this app is free, and so watch out for clickbait articles. They have so many false stories trying to match their headlines that the news from this app is not informative.

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