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Always failure

While i sending a Mail there are extremly often technical problems




Works beautifully!


Great,very easy to use app

Great news variety!

Great app with plenty of good news & a big variety of different content. Although your IOS 10 widget has a problem. It should be able to display more than 1 headline & photo; (like a list.) In the top right corner of the widget, there is no option to show more news headlines. So widget is stuck just showing 1 headline so far.. Please fix with a new update! Also, would be real nice to have an option for night viewing mode in settings so that screen is less bright when reading articles or videos. Thanks AOL! :)


How do I delete old contacts from my list?

Love the app

I really enjoy this app no issues works great

Smooth & Quick

Works well on my iPhone 6. No issues. Would recommend.


Worst App ever! So disappointing after many, many years w/aol. Have new Cell but would like old system where all accounts shown & one could send to multiple recipients. HELP!


I enjoyed so much this app. Highly recomended.

Brilliant so far!

It does what it says. Its fast enough to get your notifications on time. Ive never had a problem with notifications which is the most important thing for me.

Best Web mail app

Easy Stable congrats. İ have used 10 years aol mail. Now using phone :)

Great app!

Really reliable and stable app!

Part of notifications arent shown at all

I am using the app on iPad Air with the latest iOS. I am using Alert notifications for new emails but they arent shown periodically. So I miss new emails till I manually check them in the app. Please fix this problem. I just selected AOL iOS app for this feature because it shows alerts with sounds as I need.

Its good

I like this app a lot more than the crappy email app that comes with the phone


Love the convenience with using the app. Easy to use and informative!!


So happy to have this app. Now I can easily check my emails wherever I am!

Same old AOL, same old HuffPo

The app is ok, works well for Mail. The news is basic #newspeak. Today Conways comment about Ivankas clothes was lead, yet not a word about three Pakistanis stealing data and hardware while employed by Democrat Congress members. They may have been responsible for hacking DNC. #fakenews. Just lose it.

App got deleted within an hour of downloading

Downloaded to check my mail and it never once let me accomplish that. Clicking the mail icon kept redirecting me to ads sponsored by aol that they want you to purchase with your credit card. Never ran into these issues just using browser While in the app it wasnt even displayed as mobile compatible so I clicked on a help button. This took me to another page where I was expected to purchase live customer support and gave monthly rates for me to choose from.. No thanks. Way too much work and waste of time.


The best format of any informative web site.

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